Our Story Continued

The story goes a little something like this: a retired pediatrician who owns 500 acres
on the Arkansas River took note of his Episcopal Priest and his winemaking hobby and
started a winery. Dr. D.I. Wilkinson also served on the vestry at Grace Episcopal
Church where he helped recruit Bob Wickizer to relocate to Muskogee, OK. Their
friendship was immediate, and they joined forces to plant a vineyard and
start a winery.

D.I. Wilkinson & Bob Wickizer

In 2012, three acres of Chambourcin, Vignoles and Riesling were planted and has
since grown to a 7 + acre vineyard with additions of Tempranillo, Cabernet
Sauvignon, Merlot. The winery was licensed in late 2014 with a tasting room located
one mile west of the main vineyard. Additional grapes were purchased within the
Ozark Mountain American Viticulture Area (AVA) to supplement production while the
young vines matured. Pecan Creek Winery ferments and processes all grapes on-site
to ensure maximum quality for each bottle of wine produced.

After serving Grace Church in Muskogee for eleven years, and twenty-two
years as a priest, Bob Wickizer retired from the church in 2021. He splits his time now
between winemaking and winery management, writing books, and occasionally
working on some math and physics projects. Wickizer has several winery and
vineyard concepts that could be patentable.

In 2023, the winery began expansion into a 7,000 square foot former garage to the
north and four acres that will be planted in the spring of 2024. Wickizer addressed
past and future recently as the winery approaches nine years of operation. “As grape
growers in Oklahoma, we have faced adversity and learned from it. We have adapted
winemaking practices so that our grapes, our yeast, and our wine reflect the local
environment of our state. We invite everyone to join us and enjoy some truly great
wine that comes from our own soil.”