Pecan Creek Winery wins Double Gold medal for wine made from local grapes

Pecan Creek Winery of Muskogee submitted several wines to the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition in New York state last month.  The results of judging were released April 18 and Pecan Creek took a Double Gold medal for the best red hybrid. From its premium line of single varietal dry wines, Barrel Reserve 2014, aContinue reading “Pecan Creek Winery wins Double Gold medal for wine made from local grapes”

Top 10 Reasons To Visit Your Local Winery

10. You might learn something new. The winemaker is often there and you can have a conversation on winemaking, physics, theology, agriculture, you name it. Sample and purchase wines available ONLY at the winery. For example our 2014 Estate Vignoles (30 cases) has been only available at the winery. Our 2016 Private Reserve Estate Rose (12Continue reading “Top 10 Reasons To Visit Your Local Winery”

Wines From Midwestern Native Grapes- Seriously?

Yes, we are crushing our first three tons of genetic hybrid Midwestern grapes next week (in December). This is a tale of horticultural perspicacity, a father-son legacy, winemaking creativity and industry cooperation. First, let’s go back to the beginning or shall we say, “to our roots?” In the 1960s, Oklahoma City horticulturalist, George Girourad, began to experiment genetically crossingContinue reading “Wines From Midwestern Native Grapes- Seriously?”