Top 10 Reasons To Visit Your Local Winery

10. You might learn something new. The winemaker is often there and you can have a conversation on winemaking, physics, theology, agriculture, you name it. Sample and purchase wines available ONLY at the winery. For example our 2014 Estate Vignoles (30 cases) has been only available at the winery. Our 2016 Private Reserve Estate Rose (12 cases) is only available this year at the winery.

These are some of the best wines we have ever produced. Our 2016 Estate Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon will be available late this fall (5 cases) only at the winery. We are occasionally sampling some of these and are taking orders (reservations really) in the French style of “En Primeur” meaning that you can pay for wine and reserve your bottles or case before it is bottled at a discounted price. These will probably sell out before they are bottled.

9. Meet interesting people. We have seen some fun connections made between strangers in the tasting room. Wine makes good and new friends.

8. A smoke-free, chemical-free natural environment. Most of our “chemicals” on our production shelf are products derived from grapes and yeast. Our strongest cleaning products are sulfite and citric acid which are both very mild compared even to household cleaners. We occasionally flood the building with Ozone to “nuke” microbial bugs but ozone converts back into ordinary oxygen in 20 minutes.

7. You are likely to find a wine that you really like. Because there are no other wineries within 60 miles of us, we produce a wide range of wine labels to satisfy nearly every palette. We are also continually improving each wine label so you might find a label that you really enjoy now because we have improved the quality.

6. Family fun events! Our annual Grape Stomp is a fun event that children love to get in the tank and stomp grapes. We have other events during the year and we are constantly developing activities that can be done with children to make it a family experience.

5. Vineyard with a view. Come walk around our four acre vineyard and enjoy the peace and the great views of Oklahoma hills and farmland.

4. Learn how to make or improve your own personal wine and cider making. Hobbyists often talk to our winemaker about fermentation issues, fining, aging, use of oak, blending, chemistry and microbiology. Since opening in 2014, we have produced over 10,000 gallons of wine.

3. Support truly local business and local agriculture. With the exception of our two California wines that we produce from California fruit, our grape wines all come from fruit harvested within 150 miles of the winery. Micro-breweries cannot make that claim because many of their ingredients come from all over the world. Our winery is truly local.

2. Help move our state into the modern world. Oklahoma alcohol laws are being revised as a result of the SQ792 constitutional amendment passed in 2017. Strong wineries in the state will help our government formulate fair and reasonable laws that will support the industry.

And the Number One Reason to visit Pecan Creek!

1. When you visit your local winery, you are also helping to improve the entire state!

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